Top 5 GoPro Accessories for Travelling

Top 5 GoPro Accessories for Travelling

Top 5 GoPro Accessories To Take Travelling

These are my top 5 GoPro Accessories that I would recommend every to take travelling! Obviously some of these would be redundant depending on where you plan to travel and where you might the using your GoPro.

1. Floaty Hand Grip

gopro float grip accessories

This is an ultimate when travelling, but not if you are only visiting cities, urban areas with no bodies of water. It serves as a grip and will steady your shots compared to holding the GoPro on its own. But most importantly, it will stop you losing your GoPro when out at sea, on a river, or around any mass of water. Say you accidentally drop it, it will… well, float!

GoPro make their own floating handle, however it is about 3-4x more expensive.

There is a YouTube channel that I came across a few months ago where the owner scours rivers and finds all kinds of electronics. Most notably, GoPro’s! Obviously the owners didn’t have a floaty handle because their beloved GoPro was found at the bottom of the river or lake!

2. Quick Clip Mount

gopro accessories quick clip

This mount will enable you to secure your GoPro to clothes, hats, bag strap, or anything that isn’t any thicker than 2-3cm. It’s simple and compact design means it’s not bulky orĀ in the way, it’s easy to carry about and extremely versatile. I personally would use this mount for clipping onto my rucksack (example bottom right of the image above) for any chest height POV shots.

3. Carry Case

gopro accessories carry case

Last time I went on holiday with my GoPro, I didn’t think of a carry case. Instead I just threw the GoPro and any accessories into a rucksack and went about my business. This time around I have purchased myself a cheap carry case to store all of my GoPro accessories and the GoPro itself in for ease of transport.

4. Hydrophobic Lens Cover

gopro accessories hydrophobic lens cover

Many videos and pictures have been ruined by a water droplet on the lens (when using the waterproof housing) and it’s frustrating to see droplets of water on your lens after you’ve just finished filming! That’s why I would definitely recommend getting yourself a few hydrophobic lens covers. They will repel water and prevent droplets from ‘sticking’ to your lens. Plus they’re fairly cheap.

5. GoPro App

gopro accessories mobile app

Yes, the GoPro mobile app is an accessory I would highly recommend. It will allow you to control your GoPro and change any setting from the app rather than fiddling with the GoPro itself. And if you’re on the move or don’t have access to a computer/laptop, then you can transfer pictures and footage to your phone. From here you can edit the footage using a video editing app such as iMovie, FilmoraGo or even Instagram. GoPro also offer two video editing apps called Splice and Quik.

The first 3 accessories above can be found on Amazon and the hydrophobic lens cover can be found on the manufacturers website. And the mobile app which can simply be found on iOS App Store, or Google Play depending on platform.

Floaty Handle Grip

Quick Clip

Carry Case

Hydrophobic Lens

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