Tip #2 – How to utilise SkyScanner

Tip #2 – How to utilise SkyScanner

How to use SkyScanner Fully!

SkyScanner has been a godsend for me when checking for flights. It’s fully comprehensive, easy to use and professional looking site has enabled me to get the best deal available!

So, how to get the most out of the website?

SkyScanner Website: Website

SkyScanner Mobile: Mobile App

skyscanner cheap flight

This is the page you will be greeted with once hitting up SkyScanner.net – a couple of options and preferences are given to you; return or one way (or even multi city), from and to, departure and return (if applicable), type of travel along with how many of you there are.

These options alone are enough to check for the cheapest and best flights available, but there are a few more options we can explore more in depth to truly narrow down the results to our desired flight.

Lets start – I would recommend leaving your departure airport open as the difference in prices could be large enough to warrant a train ticket and still save you money! So for the from field, leave it as United Kingdom.

Then obviously enter your destination (I would also recommend ticking the box below for “Add nearby airports”, why? Just because we want to explore all possibilities to reduce our flight cost.

For your depart date, click in the box and you will greeted with this popup:

skyscanner date options

We can choose between ‘Specific Date’ and ‘Whole Month’, if you’re looking for the cheapest month then go with the ‘Whole Month’ view and if you’ve narrowed it down to your chosen departure month then leave it on ‘Specific Date’

Because choosing Specific Date will return results for your chosen date, I will focus on the ‘Whole Month’ option as we get a chance to check cheapest month AND cheapest day in the chosen month.

After hitting search you will be given the cheapest, in order, departure airports from your chosen country – choose the cheapest that is convenient to you. For me it would be Manchester.

Now you will given this screen:

skyscanner date cheap flight

  1. Choosing this drop down you will see the other months and some, maybe all, will have a price next to them for the cheapest day available in that month.
  2. This is what I recommend you click, it will display the month in a bar chart format with the prices easily distinguishable between cheapest and, well, not cheapest.

skyscanner date cheap flight

Ahh much better, we can clearly see here which days are the cheapest, even with some missing (you will have to search that day rather than use this view, why I dont know!)

So, pick your cheapest day and you should be golden!


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