Tip #1 – Planning: Booking Flights 7 Tips

Tip #1 – Planning: Booking Flights 7 Tips

Tips for finding those perfect or cheap flights!

Flights can be very expensive. Especially if you wish to travel on a decent day of the week and at a convenient time in the day, for example; 4pm Saturday! However, I have some tips for you to save money by booking cheap flights so you can spend more when you’re travelling!

Before that, I would recommend using SkyScanner.net as your flight checker – a very good, reliable and professional site.

1. Book as soon as you can!

It has been known that you could get some incredible last minute, cheap flights, but that means hanging around and waiting for one to appear. Or having the ability to get up and go if a flight comes up, not to mention airlines rarely do this any more.

Instead it is cheap and easy to book way in advance of your intended departure. After some searching online combined with past experience it would seem that booking your flight roughly 6 weeks before is the best time. [SkyScanner ‘Best Time To Buy’] When I visited Thailand the first time I was looking for flights before my 3 friends could confirm their position and I was getting prices of around £350 return! A couple weeks passed, and after they all confirmed the flights had risen to £462. Which, when travelling a little under 10,000km that really isn’t bad at all. However, the point is I could have gotten the flights cheaper if I’d have been able to book those couple of weeks earlier.

So, to summarize; look early, even if the holiday or plan to travel around is just a though – those low prices could convince you to book up!

2. Choosing the cheaper times!

When the majority of holiday makers choose their flights they usually choose the most idealistic time and day of the week. This being afternoon and on a Friday or Saturday. They fit in nicely with their booked time off work!

So, I would highly recommend looking for flights that are early in the morning and I’m talking from 3am – 9am. This will help bring the cost down and make your flight much cheaper!

It’s also worth mentioning that if you’re looking for flights and have the flexibility of anywhere between 3-12 months then consider checking the off peak months. Check the ‘summer season’ for the destination you’re visiting, and then look to book a month before the summer season starts. Example; visiting Europe summer would be considered to start in July, so look to fly June!

3. Using SkyScanner.net!

As mentioned in the intro, SkyScanner is one of the best websites to search the entire internet across hundreds of different airlines and booking agencies. It is one of the most comprehensive, all in one websites to narrow down your flight preferences to find the perfect or cheapest flight! [Full Blog Post on SkyScanner Here]

If you have the freedom to book any day in a range of a month or two, then you can use  SkyScanner to display the flights and their cost for each day of the month;

skyscanner cheap flights booking

In the screenshot above we can see that there is a noticeable trend of which days are the cheapest to fly on! Not surprising that the most expensive are Fridays, Saturdays with some Sundays being third most expensive day of the week. SkyScanner is the best to narrow down to those cheap flights you so desire!

4. Deleting Browsing History!

Not because you’ve been browsing frivolous websites, but because websites like SkyScanner and others will track your usage. They will then use this information to increase, and decrease prices based on your activity. Removing this you will be seen as a new user and can be given different results because of this. As always, check with both – you never know they might offer you a cheap flight price if you’re looking for the 18th time this week!

5. Flight Sales!

It’s worth considering that there is a chance that an airline or flight booking agent will have a sale and email you with a link. Granted these can’t be relied on if you’re closing in on your desired flight date. But if you’re able to wait then you’re more than likely to receive one or two in that time. It’s worth signing up to a few airlines of your choice whichever you prefer and enable the option to send promotional emails.

easyjet cheap flight email offer

6. Luggage!

You have to pay to store luggage in the hold, but its worth considering taking hand luggage only, which is free. If you can pack light then you might be able to pack hand luggage and save yourself some money. The money saved could be an extra night or two at a hostel (if you’re staying in hostels)

7. Routes/Layovers

Sometimes you can get cheaper flights if you don’t mind stopping off somewhere and waiting for another flight. SkyScanner will show you all the possible routes available for that destination, especially a long haul flight. If you can stop over somewhere half way through, your flight should be cheaper.

TL;DR – In summary these are the tips bullet pointed

  • Book midweek flights
  • Book off peak times
  • Book off peak months
  • Use flight comparison/checker sights regulary
  • Check/wait for sales
  • Check extra’s such as luggage and other airport charges

Feel free to comment any tips you have on getting cheap flights below!

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