Travelling Essential: Portable Charger

Travelling Essential: Portable Charger

Why I would put a portable charger in my Travelling Essentials list!

As much as we hate having our lives ruled by small electronic devices, we will always find ourselves carrying one or another – typically a phone and a camera. So charging these devices can be a pain, especially if you’re out away from a plug socket. This is where a portable charger, or Power Bank, can come in extremely handy!

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So, why would I put a portable charger in my Travelling Essential’s list? Simple, they can be picked incredibly cheap, especially since the technology behind them has vastly improved and made affordable due to their commercial availability. Also, having a phone that has no power is as useful as a brick.

I picked up an Anker 16000mAh Portable Battery/Charger for a little over £20 from Amazon in the summer of 2015 for my month travels in Thailand.

This fairly small device allowed me to charge my iPhone 6 4 times before the device needed charging itself, which to me was an absolute life saver. All that you need to do is make sure you charge it overnight whenever it’s getting low on battery. It will take a while and the Anker 16000 mAh requires the following charge times based on the Voltage/Amp:

Adapter Current Output (V/A) Full Charge Time
5V / 2A 8-9 Hours
5V / 1.5A 11-12 Hours
5V / 1A 16-18 Hours
5V / 0.5A 34-36 Hours

Now, this is obviously my experience with this particular device. Browsing Amazon there are hundreds of different devices you could choose from; more power capacity or less, smaller size, more charging ports for multiple devices? Whatever your preference is there will be one for you and I wholly recommend getting one for any travels!

Rules on taking portable chargers on airplanes:

It is legal to take any external battery(s) with a capacity lower than 27027mAh (100 Watt Hours) and can safely be taken on board airplanes.
(To calculate a powercore’s capacity in Watt Hours: (PowerCore Capacity(mAh)*3.7)/1000.)

Quoted from Federal transportation security rules (Effective January 1, 2008):

Lithium ion batteries (a.k.a.: rechargeable lithium, lithium polymer, LIPO, secondary lithium).
-Passengers may carry consumer-sized lithium ion batteries [no more than 8 grams of equivalent lithium content or 100 watt hours (wh) per battery]. This size covers AA, AAA, 9-volt, cell phone, PDA, camera, camcorder, Gameboy, and standard laptop computer batteries.


Anker PowerCore 20100
20,100 mAh Portable Charger which can charge an iPhone 6 up to 7 times! £25.99  £27.99 £29.99

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