Amsterdam – April Get Away! [Day 3]

Amsterdam – April Get Away! [Day 3]

Visiting Amsterdam – Day 3

So, third and final full day in the wonderful city of Amsterdam. What to do? Surprisingly, it’s not to get high!! Instead we have decided to spend today visiting some tourist attractions.

To start off we visited the Amsterdam Dungeon, we paid €18 each for the attraction and I would add that I think that’s a little much – around €14 would have felt a more appropriate price, but we are in a heavily tourists influenced city so, to be expected!


But I will say that the tour was interesting, enjoyable and fun. The staff were really good at their jobs/roles in the dungeon tour and made you feel really welcome to the whole experience – after all, a lack of enthusiasm on their behalf here would be completely detrimental to the whole experience! We decided to purchase a few photos at the end since it was €20 for a large photo at the beginning of the tour posing on a chopping block, and then a photo at the end of the experience where it was supposed to capture the moment you were frightened by the experience – it didn’t look so good for most of us. But at €5 each for the photos we couldn’t really say no to saving a momento from the Amsterdam Dungeon tour. 3.8/5 – worth a visit!

bodyworld hapiness project amsterdam

Next was the Happiness Project, or Body World, which ever you wish to call it – here was a tour all about the human body, showcasing many amazing displays which left us stunned! You descend through several floors each with different parts of the body or systems such as nerve system, artery system etc all in truly amazing ways. It’s a must visit just to see what different parts of the human body look like when a slice is taken or a cross section of the human head. Ticket price was €18 so same as the Amsterdam Dungeon and again we felt it was a little excessive for the time spent and what you actually did (all you really did was walk around and look at interesting things) either way, you either get one or two chances to do things like that since you never know if you’re going to be back there anytime soon, so why not?

amsterdam sex museum

Finally, we visited a sex museum – in particular the Sex Museum Damrak 18. The cheapest of the three at only €4 for entry it was a bargain for how much sex related content there was! This place is well worth the visit – they have lots of displays of all kinds, from mechanical robots giving another a hand job to a window that when you look through water is sprayed at you from a mans penis, hilarious, rude and well worth €4! There is also a bit of history wrapped in there too; detailing information about the red light district and other historical facts about sex. I mean what else is this place going to contain?

All in all, the best bang (no pun intended) for your buck is the sex museum – its funny, interesting, weird, wonderful, enlightening, and ultimately what Amsterdam is all about! Well recommended!

P.S. Sorry it’s late!

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