Amsterdam – April Get Away! [Day 1]

Amsterdam – April Get Away! [Day 1]

Visiting Amsterdam – Day 1

So back again for my third time in Amsterdam – a wonderful city that has blends of culture were familiar with in our own country, and of course the unfamiliar!

But whether you’re into the either of the city’s infamous services or not you’ll love the city for what it is and everything it has to offer.

So, touchdown 9am local time and we immediately head for the train tickets in order to get ourselves from Schipol Airport to Amsterdam Central – €5.60 for a train ticket, not bad but cheaper if you pay with physical cash (coins only). 20 minute train ride and were exiting at our terminal Amsterdam Cen.

Arriving at roughly 10:20 and carrying hand luggage, we decide to have a look around the city (guiding two first timers) and then head to various POI that we can remember/find our way to – stopping off an hour later for a quick pint. After more snooping about, we finally arrive at the hostel in which we see a burger place a few doors down, Burger Zaken (I think) so we set our intentions on feasting on ‘the best burger in town’ – according to a sign on the door! And I can only agree since my only other burger from Amsterdam centre was a McDonalds – which I’m not happy about!

Anyway, finally time to store our luggage in a hold, as it’s not quite check in time yet, and relieved of the removed added weight my friends set their site on their first Amsterdam delicacy – weed. Note to anyone still reading this far and haven’t done Amsterdam or marijuana before; don’t go too hard too quick!

As a man behind the counter once said ‘take it easy unless you wanna ruin your holiday’. Wise words, heed them!

Anyway, post consumption of THC and we’re starting to feel it – one a little more than others, which was made clear to us soon on; turning white as a sheet and fainting backwards into a hard edge, we had a man down! Soon after being treated, the favour was kindly returned with… vomit, passers by recoiling in horror and disgust, others laughing at the somewhat unfortunate situation.

So to our rooms we head – sick boy in tow. We retreat to the comfort of our beds for the next three nights for a power nap – flying at 7am and going on a pub crawl that night doesn’t mix too well (can’t believe I’m saying that at 23) which brings me to the last part of this post;

The Ultimate Bar Crawl Amsterdam – I would fully recommend this to anyone who has obviously never been before. €18.50 for a ticket on the door and you’re given a wrist band to say you’re part of the crawl, previous years they dished out tshirts with their logo and designs on. The first bar you start in is called Players, a sports bar with various games on, a good place to chat to other people on the crawl and you get unlimited shots – note, they simply pour the drink into your mouth. Soooo if you want to make it to the next bars and so on, you need to take it easy and not go in too much too quick!

The Ultimate Bar Crawl is a must for anyone who is visiting Amsterdam the first time but just understand you’ll be drinking a fair bit and it will get messy for some!

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