Amsterdam – April Get Away! [Day 2]

Amsterdam – April Get Away! [Day 2]

Visiting Amsterdam – Day 2

So, having slept off the drink from the bar crawl we, or rather I, got myself out of bed roughly 9:30am – determined not to let my hangover stop me from exploring! After all, Amsterdam has many other amazing attractions and sight seeing opportunities – its not all drink, drugs and prostitutes!

So, off me and a friend trot to find a couple of shops, and the fresh air plus a quick stop at a local supermarket for some food and I’m feeling back to normal and ready for a day of tourism. We have a feeling that going out earlier and getting in earlier (8pm-2am) in comparison to our usual UK nights out (10pm-5am) has made dealing with hangovers that much easier! I’ll conduct some more experiments and get back to you on that one.

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Alas, we are all awake, dressed and ready to venture back out into Amsterdam for some exploring – this time we set our destination on the new location of a coffee shop Baba’s which I and some other friends had visited on our last Amsterdam trip. It had moved location due to a number of new laws put into place regarding coffee shops that sell marijuana – more on this here. So, we got the new location and set off – being slightly stupid I mistook ’15 minute drive’ for ’15 minute walk’ – rookie mistake!

So, about 30-35 minutes later, we finally stumbled upon the new location of Baba’s – a lot smaller and low key. We headed inside in search of some brownies/space cakes – but they had already sold out of them, this was about 12:30-12:45pm! So, not to waste the journey of what seemed like a walk to mordor, we share a pure amnesia haze, well shit – it kicked our ass, hard! I think we spent about an hour in the coffee shop before it was wearing off!

So, roughly 2 1/2 hours spent already, we looked at getting back and getting some rest in before heading out for the night – some would say it was a waste of a day and I would agree, but that weed was something else, truly an experience!

Back at the hostel, sleep for a few hours, up and getting ready – we finally head out for the second night, this time just exploring various bars and places. We had a few pints here and there – The Old Sailor right in the heart of the Red Light District is always a popular place to drink. We soon head back to The Bulldog Hotel where we are staying and head into the bar for a few more drinks where we end up chatting to a few other people on their travels too. Fantastic night.

Goodnight Amsterdam – Day 2, done.

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